6″ Swabs & Stirring Sticks

6″ Swabs & Stirring Sticks

Depressors, Swabs

Hardwood depressors made of White Birch providing strength, as well as a clean, smooth finish for stirring mixing, scrapping & peeling.

• 100 pieces/bag, 50 bags/case


AF&F’s single tip non-sterile applicators are highly absorbent and compatible with all cleaning solvents. They are manufactured with 100% USP bleached cotton, on a 6″ sturdy wooden stick for extra support during cleaning delicate parts, removing debris, or applications in tight and hard to reach areas.

Our wooden swabs are different than others available in several ways and for several reasons.  Other companies who make these long wooden swabs are medical companies and simply take their swabs and sell the same products to industrial users.  Our swabs are specifically designed for the industrial user.  They have a couple of design features that make them superior to the swabs produced by medical companies.  Our swabs will not break down (that is, cotton fall off) when used with industrial-strength solvents.  Our wooden stick swabs are designed to have more bending ability (without breaking) for cleaning in small areas and provide a bit of “reaching around” ability not present in the typical swab provided by medical companies.  We also have the ability to customize the swab with a variety of cotton tip thicknesses, to meet special cleaning needs.

• 100% USP Cotton

• Available with 6″ handle.

• Compatible with all solvents

• Silicone free

• No surface residuals