History and Experience of American Fiber & Finishing, Inc.

American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (“AF&F”) is a privately-held company that was founded in 1986 in a management-led buyout of the industrial fabrics divisions of Kendall Company. The buyout included  US manufacturing facilities – AF&F internally had yarn spinning, weaving, bleaching, finishing, converting, warehousing and distribution. In 1996, the company moved its Massachusetts bleaching, finishing and converting operations to Albemarle, North Carolina, and its corporate headquarters shortly thereafter. Over the last 10 years, the company has expanded its supply chain so that today AF&F is both a manufacturing  and an international sourcing company.

The product offerings of the company are highly specialized and comply with detailed engineering specifications. Many of the products offered by AF&F were offered by Kendall Company for decades prior to the buyout. Our refinement and improvement to the products is ongoing and never-ending. We have added many new products to our line over the years and now can be a one-stop shop for our Industrial Customers’ Critical Wiping needs or our Retail Customers’ cotton ball, swab, and cosmetic facial pads needs.

Engineering, chemistry, and weaving manufacturing expertise are the key ingredients that have made us the market leader and keep us in that position, today. The original ownership group, including Edward Shotwell, J.J. Kiser, Gilbert Webber, and Bob Young, is still active in advising the company.   All four of these individuals collectively spent approximately 100 years developing their industry knowledge and skill, prior to the founding of AF&F. Careful steps have been taken over the years to make sure the knowledge base and expertise have been fully transferred to the next generation of management. Paul Robichaud, the President of the Company, is an expert in textile manufacturing and has over 30 years of direct experience in textile manufacturing, including over 15 years with AF&F. Carle Shotwell is our VP of Sales, with over 25 years of direct experience, possesses the product knowledge and engineering acumen that our customers require. All of our key people are experts in their field and work directly with our customers. The manufacturing and engineering skill-set of our team is the best in the business and enables us to help our customers solve problems, design the best cost effective solutions for their need, and also helps us in developing new subcontractors for our supply chain. In addition to our experienced employees, our team includes an active advisory board of senior textiles’ experts, each having over 40 years of direct textiles manufacturing experience with concentration in weaving, converting, and finishing, specific to the products offered by AF&F.  These things, along with our ability to continue to manufacture, process, bleach, starch, convert and finish product within the US, are the things that enable us to provide the  best products at the best prices.

It is our goal to continue to be the leader in the business in our core products. We add complimentary products to our line that fit with our other products and also fit our experience base; consequently, we can engineer all of the products and deliver maximum value and quality to our customers.