Why Choose American Fiber & Finishing, Inc.?

American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. is your best choice for the products we offer because our products are the best in the industry at what they are designed to do and are delivered at low costs compared to alternate products. Our internal expertise and ability to provide consulting and custom product design saves our customers money and time. Lastly, our product lines include related products, also at very low costs, that enable our customers to save time and money by one-stop-shopping.


AF&F is able to deliver to our markets at low prices because:

  • Low overhead- there is no debt on the fixed assets of the company
  • Closely and privately held – making the company lean, flat organizationally, and nimble
  • Unique Blend of USA and International Supply Chain – US Manufacturing facility and mature international subcontractors are directly managed by true textiles manufacturing professionals
  • Emphasis on R&D – AF&F’s is committed to continuous product improvement, and has the industry-best institutional knowledge of its products

AF&F is able to deliver the best products because:

  • Institutional knowledge gained in 100 years of making its products
  • Numerous Experts in staff in all areas of textiles manufacturing
  • R&D commitment that includes Chemistry and Textiles Experts on Staff
  • Continuous energy and effort devoted to continuous product improvement
  • Frequent customer site visits for the specific purposes of improving product performance and reducing costs
  • Products are specifically engineered and custom designed so that they perform as intended, and exceed requirements

These things enable us to deliver the best products at the lowest price.

Our industrial products have had extensive research and testing done on them by not just us, but our customers, because many of them are used in critical operations. Our products are proven in their ability to perform. For example, use of our Rymplecloth® has been proven by the Aerospace industry time and time again in actual trials to measurably reduce paint failures as compared to alternative products, and is therefore the product of choice for this industry. We are the product of choice at Boeing® and have been for over 50 consecutive years. Our industrial business is a worldwide business and we ship these products to numerous countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. We are the number 1 provider, by far, of critical wiping products to the Aircraft Manufacturing Industry, which, in and of itself, is a testimony that our critical wiping products are the best in the world and efficiently and cost-effectively perform the tasks for which they were designed.

Perhaps the best reason to choose us is our philosophy that the best innovation often occurs in the field, while working with the end-users of the product. Our R&D team not only works in our lab, our factory, and with our supply chain, but provides advisory services to our customers. The advisory services  that our company uniquely provides can easily reduce our industrial customers’ critical wiping costs by 20%-40%. Not every user is the same and situational uses of our products call for customized solutions.

In our fiber business, we manufacture Cotton Balls in the USA, using Medical Grade fiber. We sell to the largest retailer in the world and have for almost 20 consecutive years. We also manufacture for the largest provider of Medical Balls in the country. We are one of only 2 U.S. manufacturers of Cotton Balls and can provide these products at lower cost and better quality than imports, as well as deliver faster than the importers. We have a full array of the related cosmetic pads products that the retailers’ buyers typically purchase along with cotton balls, round, square and exfoliating pads at various grades and price points that can be customized to the customers’ needs. As in our industrial fabrics division, our R&D team stands ready to help our customers with custom product design that delivers the maximum quality at the lowest possible cost. We can provide these products in our own brand Sofetts® or any customer’s private label. Our blend of internal US manufacturing and established subcontracting supply chain of imports, combined with our industry-best engineering and R&D capabilities, make AF&F the best choice in the marketplace.

Call us today and let us show you how we can lower your cost with a better product.