Advisory Services


AF&F’s in-house experts include general manufacturing, textiles, and chemistry professionals  who are always at work behind-the-scenes developing new products and working to improve our existing products.  AF&F provides unique Advisory Support Services to our customers, not only via email and telephone, but our team regularly visits our customers so that we can best understand the customers’ requirements, firsthand.  Our  Advisory Support Team members are experts in our products with decades of experience.

Our Advisory Support Services team can customize the right wiping solution to meet or exceed the requirements.  Our products are far superior to general wiping materials. They absorb and pick-up more, faster. Our 100% engineered cotton wipers pick up 24 times their weight.  As a result they save time and money.  In addition they are bio degradable and after use they will take up 10 times less space than conventional wipers.  The minimal footprint of our wipers after use will greatly reduce your hazardous waste disposal cost and/or land fill cost.

We are glad to meet with you to show you how to save time and money with our products, while at the same time deliver superior wiping results with less labor-hours required.