AF&F products are used in the manufacturing of the Boeing® 737 Max 9 and 787-10 Dreamliner.  See the neat video below with both aircraft flying together.  We have a complete line of Aerospace wipers and many of them are used in the manufacturing of these planes.  We are the market leader in our category of Aerospace Class I wiping products. Products include our Rymplecloth®, Aerotex™, and Purewipe® products, as well as several tack cloth products designed and manufactured by AF&F specifically for paints used in the Aerospace Industry.  We offer products both with uniquely designed woven lint free cotton as the base material and products with non-woven non-cotton lint free fibers as the base material.  We are AS-9120 certified.  Our service specialists are all expert and are available to help our friends in the Aerospace Industry by working in the factories to design the proper wiper for the job needed that will yield superior quality results at lower costs.  

The above YouTube® Video is from the Paris Air Show from March 2017.