Super Cloth® Bookbinding Fabrics

 AF&F is the nation’s leading manufacturer of starched fabrics specifically engineered for the bookbinding industry.  We manufacture all the standard grades (A,B,C, and D) of fabrics as well as make mid-grade fabrics on a customized basis. Our Text B® spine-reinforced 100% woven cotton fabric is the bookbinding industry’s product of choice.  Our Text B® reinforced spine design is unique and the best in the business, as it is specifically engineered for the Bookbinding Industry.

AF&F has been, continues to be, and continuously devotes effort by its engineering team so it will remain the market leader and best source for these products, anywhere.

Our fabric processing and starching operations are performed in Abemarle, North Carolina.

Super Cloth® Bookbinding Fabrics
The Spine Reinforcement


20 x 12
Warp: 28.5 lbs
Filling: 10.2 lbs


20 x 16
Warp: 27.4 lbs
Filling: 14.5 lbs


24 x 20
Warp: 33.8 lbs*
Filling: 18.9 lbs*


28 x 24
Warp: 39.7 lbs
Filling: 21.5 lbs
Text B Bookbinding Fabric

41 x 17
Warp: 58.1 lbs*
Filling: 17.0 lbs*
* Exceeds NASTA / BMI Specifications
Converting, slitting and flat folding capabilities
Minimum order: 5,000 yards per full width or knife setting