Crinoline and Tarlatan


Crinoline and Tarlatan are 100% cotton woven products that come in various constructions.  Each variety has in common that it has a starch application added that gives it the stiffness that is needed for the end-use.

AF&F is a leading manufacturer and the most cost effective choice for users of crinoline and tarlatan.

AF&F manufactures crinoline for use in a number of apparel applications, including Biais Binding which goes into Waistband Buckrum, Fly Canvas, or in the front of Ball Caps, food service caps /hairnets, and Emblem backing.

While crinoline and tarlatan historically has been predominantly used in the textile industry, many new uses have evolved-

  • AF&F Tarlatan is used by Graphic Arts companies, as it is an oustanding and economical choice for cleaning printing plates and blocks, mainly for Artistic prints.
  • AF&F Crinoline is used to make liners for Exotic Bird Cages, so that their fecal matter falls through the crinoline into a tray.  Our customers like the crinoline because the birds/hatchlings don’t break their legs.
  • AF&F Crinoline is used for latex filtration.
  • AF&F Crinoline and Tarlatan are also still used in a variety of textile apparel application


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