The AF&F website is designed to communicate our product offerings and service capabilities, providing both general information and some technical detail.  Our purpose is to provide helpful information so that our existing customers and potential new customers will find this website valuable as a source for product information specific to the products themselves, as well as provide relevant information about AF&F and our capabilities.   AF&F has added new complimentary products in recent years, all being high quality and sold at prices that save our customers money and time.

The Products Navigational Button on the top of each page has a list of our major product categories, but also includes a thorough alphabetical list of our products.  We have pages that describe each of our products in detail and engineering specs on some of our Critical Wiping products.  Every page has a convenient “Contact Us” button in the right margin.  Our address is shown at the bottom of every page on the web site.  

We have included some helpful industry links and some industry product definitions that we hope our visitors will find helpful.