Commitment to Quality


AF&F is committed to being the highest quality producer and supplier of light to medium weight woven fabrics and fiber products worldwide. AF&F utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques for process validation and process controls.

Our commitment to quality is to provide products and services that conform to clearly established requirements as specified by our customers. We believe quality is everyone’s responsibility and that continuous improvement is vital to our success.

We have the best quality assurance and R&D team in the industry. Our manufacturing knowledge in product design, weaving, bleaching, starching, finishing and cotton fiber processing is broad and deep. In addition to our textiles manufacturing and design experts, our R&D team includes Chemistry professionals.  Because of our chemistry professionals, AF&F possesses an industry-unique knowledge in understanding solvents, their reactions to various surfaces, as well as absorbancy issues.   Our team can help make sure you have the right product for the right job, and help with product design to make sure the product is delivered at the lowest cost. Our skill set in these areas make us truly unique, which is one of the reasons we continue today to be the top supplier of choice for the Aerospace Industry’s critical wiping needs.



Environmental Statement

AF&F conducts environmentally-conscious business and manufacturing at all times. The majority of our products are manufactured using 100% cotton, a natural fiber that is biodegradable. We are a responsible member of the business community in Stanly County, North Carolina. We are committed to make sure we are not polluters and are in compliance with all environmental requirements applicable to our business.