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Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth and Greider Tack Cloth are exclusively manufactured by American Fiber & Finishing, Inc.


Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth (Solvent-based)

  • Product Names- C-60™, C-60B™ C-60P™, C-60BP™
  • Aerospace Certified- D6-1816, BAC5845, BAC5322, BAC5325,BAC5639, BAC5710,BAC5736, BAC5793, BAC5797, BAC5837, BAC5882, BAC5896, BAC5755, BAC5000
  • Silicone Free
  • Static Free
  • Base Fabric Material (AMS/BMS Certified)
    • 100% low lint biodegradable cotton (C-60™, C-60B™)  20×16 9″ 4-ply, or
    • Polyester warp knit lint free (C-60P™, C-60BP™), single ply, with sealed edges
  • Available in Black(C-60B™, C-60BP™) or White(C-60™, C-60P™)
  • Available in lengths of 18″ x 36″ and 30″ x 36″ for cotton and 9″x15″ to 9″x30″ for polyester
  • Individually packaged or bulk packed (stacks of 100) in the flat
  • Can be private-labeled for re-sellers
  • Traceability at the case level
  • COC’s available with every order

Greider Tack Cloth(Latex/Water-based)

  • Product Names- G-99™ 
  • Aerospace Certified- D6-1816, BAC5845
  • Base Fabric Material 100% low lint biodegradable cotton, 20×16 9″ 4-ply
  • Silicone Free
  • Static Free
  • Tack formula is 100% waterbased and completely environmentally friendly; no special requirements for disposal
  • Available in White (G-99™)
  • Available in pieces of 18″x36″, 150-yard continuous rolls, and other Put-ups
  • Individually packaged or bulk packed in the flat
  • Can be private-labeled for re-sellers
  • Chart of Put-up and packaging options, with pricing- click here LINK to be operational by end of Jan 2018
  • Traceability at the case level
  • COC’s available with every order

Product Uses and Strengths

AF&F Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth and Greider Tack Cloth have AMS/BMS certified base material. These tack cloths work well in picking up dust, lint, and metal shavings from surfaces to be painted. They also work well on metal, composite, and wood surfaces. They are oversized, soft, and very pliable.  The softness improves the ability of the tack cloths to follow the curves and creases of various surface areas.  These products are perfect for any size job, large or small.  The Greider Tack Cloth special polymer allows it to be made in several levels of tack formulations, which enable it to be used for a number of different types of critical wiping needs, including electronics manufacturing.


Product Background

AF&F Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloths and Greider Tack Cloths are the top premium tack cloths in the marketplace.  Both were originally designed and created to meet the stringent requirements of the Aerospace Industry and have been the tack cloths of choice for Aerospace for almost 50 years.  These tack cloths are still made with the quality formulation and fabric that made them #1 and keep them the #1 Aerospace Tack Cloths.  These tack cloths are unique because of the materials used and how they are manufactured, as well as the industry-best quality control procedures applied in its making.

What Aerospace Engineers have learned through study, other industries have stumbled upon; that is, Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloths and Greider Tack Cloths are more cost effective and cheaper to use than others because they last longer, do not leave residue, are silicone-free, are kind to the hand in wiping, do a better job, and enable the paint specialist to complete the job in less time than other products.

Our tack cloths are made from high quality cotton gauze or absorbent lint-free polyester warp knit fabrics.  All AF&F tack cloths are made with specially engineered tack substances, applied in a specialized process, and cured in a unique way; together, these factors, along with the high quality fabrics used, make AF&F tack cloths superior to alternative products.

From Aerospace, the C-60™  and G-99™ tack cloth have migrated to a number of other industries. For example, auto-body repair shops, once they try it, will not use any other tack cloth again.

While this can be used in the home for the do-it-yourselfer, this product is industrial strength and is designed for the commercial user, who requires a very clean surface, free of contaminants, and needs to get the surface to that point quickly and reliably.

Our tack cloths are the most cost effective tack cloths, anywhere. As all experienced paint specialists will tell you, quality does matter when choosing a tack cloth, and a good tack cloth will save you time and money.